New Edgebond/Cornerbond Material for Rapid, Economical Ruggedization

See-Cure Formulation Enables Confirmation of Placement and Cure.

Dymax Corporation has introduced Ultra Light-Weld® 9309-SC, an adhesive that cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and is designed for rapid ruggedization of circuit board components.  It provides rapid bonding to lead frame, PCB, silicon, and ceramic, and its tack-free surface allows for quicker handling and minimization of surface contamination.  9309-SC is compatible with both needle and jet dispensing systems and is highly thixotropic, minimizing movement after dispense.  This new material is ideal for edgebonding and cornerbonding applications where shock attenuation or ruggedization is necessary, including use as an economic alternative to underfill.  It can specifically be used to address the shock and impact challenges presented by portable electronics and smart connected devices.

Formulated with patented See-Cure technology, 9309-SC is bright blue in an uncured state, enabling automated vision systems and manual operations to confirm placement prior to cure.  As the product cures with sufficient exposure, its blue color transitions to colorless and provides obvious visual confirmation that the adhesive is fully cured and the bond site is secure.

9309-SC edgebond/cornerbond material is a significant addition to the Dymax portfolio of printed circuit board assembly materials, which include conformal coatings, encapsulants, and potting products, as well as masking materials and other related products.

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