Dymax Responds Quickly to Ventilator Shortage with Fast-Curing Medical Adhesives

Medical device manufacturers worldwide continue to face extraordinary challenges to rapidly deliver emergency medical supplies with increased supply and demand from COVID19.

Medical device manufacturers worldwide continue to face extraordinary challenges to rapidly deliver emergency medical supplies. As a result, the world is turning to non-traditional methods of manufacture to keep up with the increased supply and demand. If your company is manufacturing medical devices, Dymax can help you get your product to market quickly. Together, we can team up to fight #COVID19.

Dymax has decades of experience supporting the disposable medical plastic market and industrial manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in medical adhesive solutions for a range of devices, for use in the manufacturing of breathing masks for airway management, respiratory support masks, ventilators, laryngoscope and tracheal intubation tubing, pulmonary ventilation, and artificial lung ventilation. By offering flexible manufacturing hours, supporting urgent orders, and providing rapid response, we are doing our part to help get clinicians and patients the products they need. We are #InThisTogether.

Dymax differentiates itself from other manufacturers by designing complete system solutions, offering not only chemistry and equipment that work seamlessly together but by working collaboratively with businesses for the life of their assembly process. We offer customers global technical assistance through our regional Application Engineering departments to help expedite specific design needs, provide a custom solution quickly, and support the manufacturing scalability and capabilities required.

Our suite of solvent-free products is capable of bonding to plastic, metal, glass, and dissimilar materials and already meets the stringent requirements of the medical device industry, including IS0 10993 certification, biocompatibility, and gamma, EtO, E-Beam sterilization methods. We can develop or quickly tailor existing products to customer's specifications, including modification of a material's viscosity, hardness, and adhesion to specific substrates. Dymax chemistries can be formulated with See-Cure color change, Ultra-Red® fluorescing, or Encompass® technologies which assist manufacturers with easy visual confirmation of adhesive cure and high-speed automated inspection. A range of dispensing systems and LED and UV light-curing equipment is available to support the overall manufacturing process. 

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