Plastic Bonder with Moisture Cure Prevents Failures Due to Loss of Adhesion

Cures Fast in Shadowed Areas in 3 to 5 Days.

Dymax Corporation’s newest plastic bonder cures with UV/Visible light and a secondary ambient moisture-cure system making it an ideal adhesive for applications requiring shadow-area curing.  Dual-Cure 3401 is specifically designed for rapid, high-strength bonding to hard-to-bond PC and ABS as well as metal substrates.  It exhibits low shrinkage, resulting in less stress at the bond line, and it cures fast – in 1 second – enabling higher production rates.  Dymax 3401 is low viscosity for better wetting and is jetting compatible.

This versatile material is curable with both broad-spectrum UV and narrow-spectrum 385 nm LED curing systems, giving manufacturers options.  Dual-Cure 3401 fluoresces blue under low-intensity black light (365 nm) for easy visual inspection of the bond line.

In addition to adhesives and coatings, Dymax also offers high-performance oligomers as well as a variety of dispensing and light-curing equipment.  The company’s products are perfectly matched to work seamlessly with each other, providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs.

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