FIP/CIP Gasket Helps Eliminate Failures Caused by Adhesion Loss

Resistant to High-Temperature and High-Moisture Environments.

Dymax has introduced Ultra Light-Weld® GA-145, a UV/Visible light-curable Form-In-Place and Cure-In-Place gasket for fuel cell sealing applications.  This chemical- and moisture-resistant gasket is formulated to be tack-free, yet soft and flexible, with low outgassing after cure.  It can be dispensed in intricate and complex configurations with the added benefit of in-line curing which allows for increased production speed and reduced inventories.  The material cures on-demand, eliminating the need for racking long-curing alternatives and the waste associated with poorly fitting, or improper alignment of, die-cut gaskets.

GA-145 demonstrates excellent bond strength to metals, glass, and PC, and is typically used in sealing fuel cell plates and stacks, automotive door handles, appliance housings, and critical electronic assembly and device applications.  This material is resistant to high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility.  It exhibits low shrinkage, resulting in reduced stress on the fuel cell plate, stack housing, appliance housing, or electronic assembly.

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