Dymax Introduces Dual Cure 9483 Conformal Coating

With Excellent Thermal Shock and Flexibility Performance.

Dymax Corporation announces the release of Dual Cure 9483, a UV/Visible light and moisture-cure re-workable conformal coating with excellent thermal shock and high-temperature flexibility. Ideal for automotive applications, this coating exhibits outstanding heat, chemical, and corrosion resistance, and excels in PCB applications where shadow areas are present. 
This high-performance conformal coating cures exposed areas of the PCB in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, and cures in shadow areas in 2-3 days with ambient moisture. It meets automotive salt spray and sulfur flower corrosion requirements and can be applied from 2 mils (0.002”) to 8 mils (0.008”) thick on lead frames, rigid PCBs, flexible circuits, and ceramic PCAs. Dymax 9483 is solvent-free for an environmentally friendly coating with no flash off and fluoresces blue under black light for an easy visual or automated inspection of cure.

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