Medical-Grade Adhesives in Multiple Viscosities

Q: "We currently use one of your medical-grade adhesives with a viscosity of 500 cP. We are looking for a higher-viscosity adhesive and do not want to have to redo biocompatibility testing. Can you tell me if you have an adhesive that is made of the same materials similar to the product we now use, but with a higher viscosity?"

A: Dymax offers adhesives with several viscosity variations. An adhesive might have a standard base viscosity of 500 cP but also be available in a T (thick) grade with a viscosity of approximately 5,000 cP, a VT (very thick) grade with a viscosity of approximately 12,500 cP, and a gel grade with a viscosity of approximately 25,000 cP. These thixotropic versions all use a nonreactive biocompatible thickener and exhibit the same biocompatibility test results as the standard product. The thixotropic adhesives with gel viscosity allow the material to have a little slump, a minor slump, or no slump at all, enabling them to be dispensed along a ridge or in a groove.

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