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Dymax is founded on a tradition of excellence, providing manufacturers with adhesive chemistry and equipment solutions for a variety of applications within its core markets. Dymax differentiates itself from other manufacturers by designing complete system solutions that work seamlessly together but by providing technical assistance. 



Industry References

Industry leaders we partner with:

  • 博世
  • 海拉(Hella)
  • Magnetti AL
  • ZKW
  • 贝朗(BBraun)
  • 美敦力(Medtronic)
  • Sanmina(新美亚)
  • Roche(罗氏)
  • Trumpf Laser(通快激光)
  • Fraunhofer(弗劳恩霍夫)


Dymax collaboratively works with its customers to develop customized bonding solutions to meet their unique and demanding manufacturing requirements.