SpeedMask® 726-SC Versatile, Peelable Masking Resin Simplifies Masking Processes

Easy application and removal facilitates increased throughput.

Dymax Corporation’s SpeedMask® 726-SC is a UV/Visible light-curable masking resin formulated to provide excellent surface protection of turbine engine components, orthopedic implants, and metal components during plating, plasma spray, blasting, anodizing, and powder-coating processes.  Formulated with the patented See-Cure technology, 726-SC starts out bright blue in an uncured state, making it easy to see and enabling simple confirmation of quantity and location of placement.  The blue transitions to pink upon exposure to sufficient light energy, indicating cure has been achieved, providing visual confirmation that the adhesive has received a sufficient dose of energy to reach cure.  726-SC also has the ability to remain flexible at higher temperature processes up to 204°C.

SpeedMask® 726-SC can be applied by spraying, dipping, or coating and is easily integrated into automated systems.  Its ability to cure quickly and be easily removed helps lower processing costs and increase throughput.  

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