Dymax Recipient of Two Connecticut Quality Improvement Award's Gold Innovation Prizes

Dymax Corporation has been awarded two gold Connecticut Quality Innovation Prizes for 2010. 

Dymax Corporation has been awarded two gold Connecticut Quality Innovation Prizes for 2010.  The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award, Inc. (CQIA), founded in 1987, recognizes Connecticut manufacturing and service companies that excel in managing quality improvement for business success and growth.  Criteria for the award are based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence.  The CQIA Innovation Prize is designed to stimulate interest in organizations to implement quality while fostering recognition of innovative improvements.  Dymax won gold awards for their See-Cure color-change and LED light-curing technologies.

Dymax adhesives formulated with See-Cure color-change technology start out bright blue in their uncured state, making them very visible when dispensed onto substrates.  After the adhesive is exposed to UV light the color changes from blue to clear, 5-15% slower than the adhesive cures.  This cure indicator ensures the adhesive is completely cured, providing a critical safety feature for manufacturing processes.

Dymax’s new BlueWave® LED Prime UVA light-curing system and compatible LED-curable adhesives work together seamlessly and are ideal for manufacturers looking to complement their “green” initiatives.  The LED system offers many benefits over conventional UV light-curing units including no consumable bulbs to change, no warm-up time, cool cures, and constant intensity.  The compatible adhesives cure tack-free in seconds and bond to a wide variety of glass, plastics (such as ABS, PVC, and PET), and metal substrates for industrial and medical applications.

Dymax was also a 1998 silver winner for “Solvent-Free Plastic-Bonding Adhesives”.  Awards will be presented at The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership's 23rd Annual Conference on Quality and Innovation, Friday, October 29, 2010 at Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook, CT.

In addition to their headquarters in Torrington, DYMAX has locations in Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Korea which serve the assembly needs of the medical, electronic, optical, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, power generation, and industrial markets worldwide.

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